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At Garrett-Ihnen, one-on-one client service is only half of our story. We also offer all the professional services you’ll find at large “take a number” civil engineering firms. Garrett-Ihnen has developed a wide variety of projects, from municipal facilities and office space to religious, restaurant, retail sites and multi-phased developments — from one-acre to five-hundred acre tracts — all across Texas. Further, we have the capability to not only design and permit civil site projects in the most stringently controlled regions of Central Texas, but also throughout the Lone Star State and across the Red River to Oklahoma.

The design and development of innovative projects requires the most advanced engineering tools and techniques. That’s why we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in the latest versions of engineering
and business software and the most up-to-date hardware, including Auto-CAD equipment, computers, networking devices, printers, copiers and scanners. Garrett-Ihnen also utilizes the very latest techniques to ensure the highest water quality solutions available for commercial, institutional and residential projects, including wet ponds, re-irrigation and more.

No other engineering firm can offer you the personalized professional engineering services you’ll find at Garrett-Ihnen. Our engineer project managers will work with you every step of the way — from planning to permitting — to transform your vision into reality. Price, performance, responsive personal service… there is a difference in civil engineering firms. And it’s Garrett Ihnen.


At Garrett-Ihnen, Every Client Relationship Is Built Upon A Solid Foundation of Personal Service:
Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers was established in 1985 with a singular mission: to provide each of our clients with one-on-one personal service and professional offerings designed to meet their individual needs and exceed their expectations. To us, that means allowing you to interact directly with the civil engineer assigned to your project. It means doing whatever it takes to meet all of your project objectives and overcome any obstacles. And it means returning your telephone calls and answering your emails ASAP — always within three hours.

Our unique service philosophy certainly reduces the frustration levels you’ve most likely experienced with other engineering firms, but there are real bottom-line advantages, too. Time is money. How much of both will you save in project continuity resulting from one-on-one communications with our engineers and fast answers to your questions?

We could not offer you direct interaction with our engineers without having a high level of confidence in their abilities. From its founding, Garrett-Inhen’s commitment to our employees has been as strong as our commitment to you. We do everything possible to create a work environment that fosters the personal growth and professional development of each of our engineers and other Garrett-Ihnen employees.


Three Steps To Exceptional Personal Service:
1. To ensure superior project continuity, a project manager engineer is assigned to your individual project and serves as your direct contact, project coordinator and permitting agent.

2. To eliminate time delays and potential miscommunications, your project manager engineer will return your telephone messages and emails within three hours.

3. To assure you receive the highest level of competence from your project manager, Garrett-Ihnen makes certain that each engineer is actively involved with industry associations, attends professional development seminars and participates in information exchange with peers and reviewers.

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